Solomito Ready For Riverhead Battle


That Waterford DNF was just the type of thing he talked about prior to the race as something his No. 75 Eastport Feeds Chevrolet team was hoping to avoid this year.

“So far we’re just trying to be real consistent and keep the car in one piece, to maintain and log all of the laps that are on the board for the night” Solomito said. “We’re trying to finish every race and finish it in one piece so that we can learn and adjust on the car for the next time we come back to the track. Hopefully we can get these setups just a little bit better, and I can get a little bit better at the tracks, and we can go from there.”

Now after four events away from Riverhead, where Solomito’s car owner Wayne Anderson also calls home and is a multi-time track titlist, the crew can take a deep breath knowing they’ll be in familiar territory on Saturday.

“It’s always good to go somewhere you have a lot of experience at, where you kind of know what the car wants and what the feel is for the car,” Solomito said. “I just hope that we can maintain the tires, keep a good pace in the beginning and hopefully get a good starting spot and go from there.

“Last year I really set a blistering pace in the beginning, kind of drove away a little bit, and I think it hurt us for the long term part of the race. If we can just save the right rear tire and maintain, if we have to lose a spot or two in the beginning to get it back in the end, then that’s what we want to do.”

Knowing now what he didn’t know then, Solomito hopes things will all come together Saturday and he can register a tally in the win column, and end a long tour drought in the process. The last driver designated as a rookie to win a Whelen Modified Tour race was Bobby Santos was 91 races ago in 2007.

“I think it will be an advantage for me, definitely,” Solomito said of racing at Riverhead. “So I’m pretty excited to get back to my home track and hopefully we can put one in the books.”