Scott Can’t Stop Busch At Indianapolis


A caution period for debris on the backstretch with 10 laps left in the race set up a six-lap dash to the checkered flag when the green flag waved on lap 95. Busch was ahead of Joey Logano, Kevin Harvick and Brian Scott. But when the green flag waved, Scott got a great run on Busch and was able to pass for the lead out of Turn 2. Scott led Busch by .117-seconds after the first green flag lap and one lap later, Busch had dropped to third.

But on lap 97 Busch regained his groove and passed Logano for second place and set his sights on race-leader Scott. One lap later, Busch passed Scott for the lead on the back straightaway. From that point on, Busch motored away to the victory.

“I had no friends around me on the restart,” Busch recalled. “The restart before I had Matt Kenseth behind me and he pushed me and got me clear of the 22 (Logano). There on that final restart, Harvick was hanging back a little bit trying to get a run and time it right and I waited on him until the last loop. The one marker on the restart zone I just had to wait and bottle everybody up and then wait so I could be single file or at least just have Logano to deal with and not everybody else trying to dive bomb me.

“I got down into turn one and just lost all grip. I just slid. I was turning left and turning right just trying not to get into Logano and got into him and then we chased it up the race track. I was watching my mirror at the same time seeing if anybody was coming and there comes the 2 (Brian Scott) out of nowhere and he got by us there. It made it tough to pass him back. We were significantly faster than him but just the aerodynamics of this race track has made it so tough. Anybody that runs the bottom of the race track can take your air. I had to use the air that he was taking from me to my advantage on him and get him loose and then try to get by.”

Busch was able to pull off his move and drive to an impressive victory, not only for himself but for his Hoosier-native wife, Samantha.

“She (Samantha, wife) was elated,” Busch said. “It’s a great opportunity for her growing up in Indiana — you can either call her from Indiana or you can call her from Chicago – she was right on the border there. Going to school just an hour north of here at Purdue and obviously spending a lot of time in Indianapolis over those years – she was pumped, she was excited and it was something she was really wanting to do.

“I wish today was Sunday, but hopefully we can do it again and back it up tomorrow and get fresh with the bricks and enjoy some more tomorrow.”

Samantha admits she never attended a race until she met Kyle Busch but she understood the history and the significance of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“It was amazing and so awesome because all of my friends got to be here and they are like family,” Samantha said. “Some of them had never been to a race or victory lane so they were beyond excited. I didn’t know anything about racing until I met Kyle. I was about the Chicago Bears and the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Blackhawks but didn’t know anything about racing until I met Kyle.

“I thought you only got to kiss the bricks in Cup and when they said, c’mon we are going to kiss the bricks. I thought that was so cooled. I was like a child.”

That is what made Busch’s win in the Indiana 250 so special not only for the driver that has so many NASCAR races in such a short period of time it’s almost ridiculous but for giving is Indiana-native wife a chance to experience something many Hoosiers can only dream of – kissing the bricks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway after a victory.