Brad Keselowski Launches Manufacturing Company

Brad Keselowski has launched his own manufacturing company, called Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing. (HHP/Garry Eller)

STATESVILLE, N.C. – NASCAR Cup Series competitor Brad Keselowski is launching a new manufacturing company called Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing.

Keselowski unveiled his company Thursday at its facility in Statesville, N.C. He is investing tens of millions of dollars in equipment and expertise that will be based in the 70,000-square-foot space. The company already has 30 employees and by the end of the year the company expects to employ 100 people.

Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing is partnering with several of the world’s leading companies, including ALSCO, BIG KAISER, GE Additive, Mazak Corp. and Pinnacle X-Ray Solutions. Working with Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing’s team of engineers and technicians, the combined efforts will help Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing lower customer costs and reduce waste, while manufacturing higher quality products.

“The capabilities of new technologies are limited only by our imaginations and willingness to act,” said Keselowski. “Until now, much of this advanced manufacturing technology was considered too complex and too expensive for production level applications. By combining additive manufacturing with subtractive capabilities, the goal of KAM is to lead the way for the next industrial revolution by making these technologies more accessible.”

The Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing model is aimed at building custom solutions in metal hybrid manufacturing that offer a set of distinct advantages for its customers:

  • Speed: To take products to market faster than the competition
  • Quality: For defect-free products that will meet or exceed the demands of the customers
  • Engineering: Helping customers develop innovative solutions
  • Hybrid Manufacturing: Leveraging multiple disciplines and procedures

This combination of diverse metal manufacturing technologies allows KAM to be a high-tech solutions provider for customers. Industries such as aerospace and medical are seeing the benefits from this approach utilizing the technology on a smaller scale.

Keselowski’s decision to start Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing reflects his experience growing up in a family with a manufacturing heritage. His grandfather spent World War II making drill bits for the military. Later, Keselowski worked alongside his dad and uncle – both racers – as they built their cars in the family shop. Once he became a driver, Keselowski learned more about advanced machines, tools, engineering designs and other technological innovations.

“We are excited to be working with the team at KAM, because we know the hybrid manufacturing model they’ve developed will help companies worldwide,” said Rod Meyer, Pinnacle’s founder and CEO. “Our technologies go hand-in-hand. With our advanced CT scanning technology and KAM’s expertise in engineering solutions, we’re disrupting the traditional manufacturing process.”

Keselowski says the new technology marks an important opportunity to grow a critical sector of the American economy.

“Manufacturing built our country, enabling the strength and freedom we’ve all enjoyed,” Keselowski said. “Today, the advancements in manufacturing will spark a new wave of American companies, not only creating jobs, but also solving some of the world’s biggest problems – from helping the environment to improving our safety. At KAM, we’ve assembled the talent, resources and technology to conquer these challenges. I am confident that our work will have a positive impact for generations to come.”