LONDON: Kudos To Bayne, Wood Brothers On Daytona Triumph


VALLEY STREAM, N.Y. — Trevor Bayne’s stunning Daytona 500 victory accomplished more than just the emergence of a new star. It allowed NASCAR to save face.

The win seems like a fluke, but the youngster did everything right and deserved all the praise and the jump into stardom he gained. He drove a flawless 650 miles all through Speedweeks. Lots of sports stars end up on a Wheaties box. Bayne’s youth should put his face on a pack of Animal Crackers.

Racing has a new fresh face. In addition to his obvious talent, Bayne is nice looking and personable. How far he will go remains to be seen. Plate races are easier to win.

Kudos must go to the winning Wood Brothers. Winning the biggest race in your sport 48 years after copping it the first time is quite an achievement. The Woods have remained classy all these years.

Time after time NASCAR played musical rules changes with feuding GMC and Ford. There was a lot of bellyaching, but the Woods stayed out of it.

A lot of people didn’t fall for the false bravado the NASCAR mouths were putting out.

The record number of lead changes in the Daytona 500 were due to the many caution flags and pit stops. Restrictor-plate racing is all about sucking up air. It isn’t real racing.

After checking my many e-mails and reading comments on Facebook, most were unhappy with the type of racing seen throughout Speedweeks.

– Darrell Waltrip has managed to alienate just about everybody with his comments. It seems his main function is to alibi for brother Mikey. He forgot to mention Mikey released Bayne in the middle of last season. Jack Roush wisely grabbed him up.

– There were plenty of empty seats for Saturday’s Daytona Nationwide race. Yet the insufferable Marty Reid on ESPN raved about the “huge crowd.” With so many in town for the 500, the attendance on Saturday was an embarrassment.

– The Dirt Track Legends’ Mall Show is set for Sunday, March 6 through Saturday, March 12. It will be at the Phillipsburg (N.J.) Mall on Route 22, once a hub for several speedways. Many vintage race cars and former stars will be on hand. I hope to be there also.

– Williams Grove Speedway opens March 18 with both 360 and 410 sprint cars in action. Port Royal Speedway is going full bore with new management and a website.

– Racing legend Bruno Brackey died Feb. 5 at age 91. He accomplished so much and I knew him almost 50 years. My tribute to him was too long for the space available here, but you can read it online at, or e-mail me and I’ll send it to you.

– Minutes younger than Steve Chassey at 25 Emerson Place, Valley Stream, N.Y., 11580. E-mail to Racewriter [email protected]

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