Cameron Hayley Impressing Out West


Hayley attributed his success last year to features at CNS that are similar to tracks where he raced late models.

“It’s a very similar size,” he said. “It’s got a bit of a bank and two grooves. I love tracks that have two grooves. You have that chance to run the top and the bottom without losing ground.”

Although Hayley has consistently been running up front this year, he has yet to score his first win in a championship event. He’s confident that victory will come soon, however.

“Probably three out of the six races so far, we’ve had a chance and been there to win, we just haven’t been able to close the deal,” he said. “That’s what we’re going to do. We’ve obviously been up there every race.”

Hayley credits his Gene Price Motorsports team for keeping him in contention this year, even when they encounter a setback.

“Take Brainerd, for example, we were leading the race, had a flat tire and got shuffled back to 10th,” he said. “After we came in and changed it we were 45 seconds back. We made up 45 seconds in that race and ended up with a top-five finish. To do that just shows the championship quality of our team. We can bounce back from anything. And I think that’s what’s going to make us successful this year for the championship.”