Superbikes Get Up To Speed On Isle Of Man


Anstey and McGuinness both pitted but on their fourth lap they both broke the 129mph barrier with the Kiwi on 129.14 and the Morecambe Missile on 129.32. Rutter and Martin again lapped in excess of 127 mph with Dunlop joining them whilst newcomers Josh Brookes and Branko Srdanov were flying, both breaking the 120mph mark. The Aussie posted no less than three 120 mph+ laps, the best at 121.99, with the Dutchman lapping at 120.11.

William Dunlop, Jim Hodson and Lee Johnston were also retirements but the Norton machines were lapping well, Ian Mackman the quickest at 119.55. As the full solo session drew to a close, riders just contesting the Lightweight race were given a two-minute window to get out on track and all duly obliged, TT rider liaison officer John Barton with 109.99 going marginally quicker than Chris Palmer (109.89 mph).

At 8 p.m., the Formula Two sidecars got another session and with conditions remaining ideal, it was a packed field that lined up. Dave Molyneux/Patrick Farrance, Ben and Tom Birchall, Gary Bryan/Jamie Winn, Conrad Harrison/Mike Aylott and Dougie Wright/Martin Hull were the first crews to blast off although Tim Reeves/Dan Sayle had to make a few last-minute adjustments before heading off towards Bray Hill.

Molyneux/Farrance were first back with a lap of 112.62 with the Birchalls, Holden and Reeves all over 111 mph but Roy Hanks/Kevin Perry and Karl Bennett/Lee Cain were early retirements.

On their second lap Molyneux/Farrance increased their pace to 113.56 but Reeves/Sayle weren’t too far behind on 113.15 with the Birchalls and Harrison/Aylott practically inseparable on 112.19 and 112.18.

The session was brought to a premature end with a red flag situation following an incident at Grahams with sidecar duo David Saunders/Anne Garnish. The pair were reported to be talking to medics at the scene but were taken to Nobles Hospital for further assessment.