Riders Set For Speedway Invitational


CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. — A lineup of some of the best speedway competitors from the United States and Europe was solidified on Wednesday, as the official rider draw for the Monster Energy World Speedway Invitational took place setting the field for the 23-heat GP race format for the Dec. 28 event at The Grand Arena.

The 16-rider lineup is a who’s who of global speedway racing, featuring nine Americans, a trio of Brits, and a pair Polish riders, as well as lone stars from Australia and Denmark. Additionally, two alternates, each from the U.S., will be ready to step in, if called upon.

The Riders:

1. Tyson Burmeister — United States
2. Ryan Fisher – United States
3. Edward Kennett – Great Britain
4. Ricky Wells – United States
5. Gino Manzares – United States
6. Max Ruml – United States
7. Scott Nicholls – Great Britain
8. Chris Harris – Great Britain (1st Reserve) Jason Ramirez – United States
9. Billy Hamill – United States (2nd Reserve) Austin Novratil – United States
10. Darcy Ward – Australia
11. Charlie Venegas – United States
12. Patryk Dudek — Poland
13. Hans Andersen — Denmark
14. Maciej Janowski – Poland
15. Greg Hancock – United States
16. Billy Janniro – United States

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