M1 Partners With Ben Bostrom


DENVER, Colo. – International motorcycle racing star Ben Bostrom and longtime professional motorsports promoter M1 have joined forces to form Ben Bostrom Events.

This new promotions company will host world-class cycling and running events in major markets across the United States. The high-intensity events will feature an entertainment-filled atmosphere, combining many of the familiar fundamentals found at other MOB (mud, obstacles, beer) racing events with the environment and production elements that made the M1-promoted World Superbike and AMA Pro Road Racing events so popular with fans and participants alike over the past two decades.

Bostrom enjoyed a lengthy and successful career professional motorcycle racing spanning two decades, participating – and winning – in practically every top-level discipline and series in the world. His accolades, which include multiple wins in World Superbike, an AMA Pro SuperBike Championship, an AMA Supermoto Championship, an AMA National 600cc Dirt Track Championship and an X-Games Gold medal in Supermoto, have made him a household name in the world of professional motorsports. In order to attain the high levels of physical fitness required to compete in the upper echelons of motorcycle racing, Bostrom has trained almost daily on bicycles for decades.

“I love all toys with two wheels,” Bostrom said. “This is partially what allowed me to hang up my motorcycle leathers and slip into bicycle lycra so easy… without the standard regret or fear of losing my lifelong passion for dragging my knee and hanging out with all the friends I’ve enjoyed in the paddock for years. Luckily, most of my throttle-twisting friends have the same passion for the bicycle as I do and I realized that Mountain Biking and Road Cycling are sports that we can all do on two wheels competitively – in our respective age groups of course – until we say ‘that’s it.’ Once a competitor, always a competitor.

“After hitting many bicycle events to feed that competitive itch, it hit me that I would love to create an event that tested myself and others like me with the ultimate challenge… Mountain Biking and Road Cycling all in one weekend. I personally love Mountain Biking and Road Cycling between friends, with a bit of beer and music thrown in for good measure, but how could I create such an event and where?

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