Big Kahuna Birthday Party Back Again


DENVER, Colo. – After a highly successful launch at April’s Triumph Big Kahuna Atlanta presented by Dunlop Tire and LeoVince, M1 PowerSports is excited to announce the return of the Big Kahuna Birthday Party for the Triumph Big Kahuna Miami at Homestead-Miami Speedway (Sept. 21-23) and the Triumph Big Kahuna New Orleans at NOLA Motorsports Park (Oct. 5-7).

The Big Kahuna Birthday Bash is a birthday experience for children that connects the best in family fun with the thrill and excitement of GEICO Motorcycle AMA Pro Road Racing events.

The package includes free admission for up to 20 children, a one hour long private birthday bash with AMA Pro riders on race day at an exclusive, behind-the-scenes location of their choice and the opportunity to hand out the trophy to the winner of that day’s AMA Pro SuperSport race.

“Our primary goal for the Big Kahuna Birthday Party is to provide a fun, family-friendly atmosphere where both children and adults will have a blast,” said I-San Hung, President of M1 PowerSports. “In order for motorcycle road racing to continue to grow, we need to get the next generation of fans to the track and involved in the racing community before the stick and ball sports become their primary focus. We want to build personalities around the heroes of the sport and allow the kids to get to know the person behind the visor in order to build a bigger fan base for the series.”

Some of the hot spots for the party include behind-the-scenes settings such as race team tents for teams like Yoshimura Racing Suzuki, Team Graves Yamaha, RoadracingWorld/ Team M4 Suzuki, RoadRace Factory/ Red Bull Yamaha or the amazing Big Kahuna Beach Podium, where the weekend’s best riders will receive their trophies.

In addition to the rare experience of having a birthday bash with an AMA Pro team and presenting a trophy to the winner of a GEICO Motorcycle AMA Pro Road Racing National, the superstars of AMA Pro will sing the Happy Birthday Song to the lucky birthday boy or girl, which will be broadcast over the racetrack’s PA system and filmed for display on the Jumbotrons later that day.

“We received such a great response to the original Big Kahuna Birthday Party and teams are calling us asking if it’ll be back,” Hung continued. “Everyone is ecstatic about the idea and we wanted to make sure everyone knows this is back and people can sign up now.”

Great racing won’t be the only thing to enjoy as M1 PowerSports brings plenty of extras to GEICO Motorcycle AMA Pro Road Racing events. Triumph Big Kahuna Nationals feature off-track activities such as bounce houses, go-karts and baby exotic animal petting zoos that will keep the kids enthralled for hours and talking about their Big Kahuna Birthday Party for weeks.

As part of the Big Kahuna Birthday Party package, M1 PowerSports will provide 20 Big Kahuna invitations, Hawaiian leis, cups, hats, balloons and a Big Kahuna Gift Bag for each child, as well as a personal day-of Big Kahuna Birthday Party Host. Your personal host will provide everything you need to make sure the day is as memorable as possible for the young ones. Families only need to provide their little one’s favorite flavor of birthday cake, and M1 PowerSports will take care of the rest.

The Big Kahuna Birthday Party package is priced at $200, which includes free admission for up to 20 children. Adults that are participating in the Big Kahuna Birthday Party will receive 50% off of any ticket package that they would like to purchase. For reservations, please call (303) 377-3278 and ask for the Big Kahuna Birthday Party.