Arenacross Receives New Format


AURORA, Ill. — On the heels of announcing AMSOIL as title sponsor and the upcoming 2013 schedule, Feld Motor Sports has revealed a variety of unique and exciting format changes that will make AMSOIL Arenacross more unpredictable than ever.

Beginning with the 2013 season an entirely new championship points structure will be introduced. Deviating from the traditional points system, AMSOIL Arenacross competitors in all classes will now compete on a single point system.

Championship points will be awarded in one-point increments with a Main Event winner earning 16 points and reducing per position through the remainder of the field.

Another exciting and non-traditional format change will be the introduction of two 12-lap Main Events, each paying separate championship points. Gate selection for Main Event 1 will be determined by a riders’ Heat Race results. For Main Event 2, gate selection will be based off the finishing order from the first Main Event, but also presents a unique and exciting twist. A random drawing following the first main Event will determine whether zero, eight, or 16 competitors will invert their gate selections.

“Changing from the traditional 25-lap Main Event format to the all-new 12-lap Main Events will add strategy, increase parity and add unprecedented excitement to the revamped program,” said Todd Jendro, vice president of two wheel operations, Feld Motor Sports. “The random drawing after the first Main Event could have a dramatic affect on the second Main Event’s results.”

Also new for this year, AMSOIL Arenacross will showcase head-to-head bracket racing for the first time ever. The top four finishers from the Arenacross Class Heat Races will have an opportunity to compete for an extremely valuable championship point. These top finishers will be placed into an eight-rider bracket, using individual lap times to determine seeding. Riders will then be eliminated via two-lap head-to-head matchups until only one man is left standing.

The most significant change is the inaugural Race to the Championship that will be introduced in 2013. The stage will be set through the first six rounds of the season, which features 11 nights of competition beginning Jan. 4 in Worcester, Mass., as riders battle their way into the top 10 Arenacross Class point standings position.

The Race to the Championship will begin at the seventh round of the season in Little Rock Ark., Feb. 16 and will run through the final four rounds and five nights of action that concludes in Denver March 16. The point leader at the conclusion of the sixth round will earn the top seed in the Race to the Championship. The Arenacross Class point standings will be reset to reflect those competing for the title as follows:

1st in the standings – 6 points

2nd in the standings – 5 points

3rd and 4th in the standings – 4 points

5th and 6th in the standings – 3 points

7th and 8th in the standings – 2 points

9th and 10th in the standings – 1 point

The top 10 riders leading into the Race to the Championship will be the only competitors eligible to claim the coveted AMSOIL Arenacross Championship, and with it becoming the 28th title winner in the sport’s history. Riders in positions 11th or higher will compete for a purse, season-ending bonuses, in addition to their 2014 AMSOIL Arenacross number.