Another Day, Another Bisceglia Victory

Matt Bisceglia
Matt Bisceglia

HURRICANE MILLS, Tenn. — One of Matt Bisceglia’s childhood dreams came closer to reality on Friday at the Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship presented by AMSOIL when he won the Open Pro Sport National Championship, which will take him another step closer to being selected for the prestigious Horizon Award.

“Don’t pinch me right now,” Bisceglia said. “Ever since 2005, my first year here, when Ryan Villopoto won the Horizon Award, I’ve wanted to win that award, too. I don’t have it yet, but I’m going to put my head down tomorrow and try to come out with it.”

Bisceglia has a strong shot at a second national title in the 250A moto on Saturday, but the first order of business was bringing the Open Pro Sport crown to the AMSOIL/Factory Connection Honda team.

“I started third or fourth, not too bad, but not where I wanted to be,” Bisceglia said. “I made a couple of passes, got behind Shane (McElrath), then made a big mistake and almost crashed. I probably lost two or three seconds but regrouped and caught him in the lappers.”

Bisceglia did more than just catch McElrath. He started that fateful lap 2.5 seconds behind the leader and finished it two seconds in the lead.

“I made a clean pass and knew I was in really good shape,” he said. “From there I put my head down and sprinted a couple of laps (to widen the lead). I’m glad I’m able to do that. I didn’t get tired, I didn’t fade, and that is what won it for me.”

McElrath topped Bisceglia in Friday’s 250 A moto.

Other moto winners were Michael Mitchell (Vet B/C, 30+), Dean Spangler (Two-Stroke B/C, 16+), Tyler McSwain (450 B), Luke Renzland (450 A),

Austin Forkner (Super Mini 2, 13-16), Ty Masterpool (65, 7-11), Keith Johnson (Senior, 40+), Zane Johnson (250 C), Robbie Reynard (Vet, 35+), Joey Crown (Mini Sr, 12-14), Garrett Marchbanks (85, 9-11, Limited), Kaitlyn Morrow (Women, 14+), Jett Reynolds (51, 7-8 Limited), Casey Cochran (51, 4-6 Limited), Daxton Bennick (51, 4-6 Special Limited), Logan Best (51, 4-6 Shaft Drive Ltd), Ryan Surratt (Schoolboy 2, 13-16) B/C), Nathan Piper (450 C), Aiden Tijero (65, 10-11 Limited), Jett Reynolds (65, 7-9 Limited), Aaron Plessinger (450 B Limited), Mitchell Harrison (Super Mini 1, 12-15), Garrett Marchbanks (85, 9-11), Michael Barnum (College B/C, 16-24), John Grewe (Senior, 45+), David Hand (Masters, 50+), Ryan Surratt (Schoolboy 1, 12-16 B/C), Hannah Hodges (Girls, 12-16), Jazzmyn Canfield (Girls, 9-11).