Tony Stewart Lends His Name To Another Video Game

Tony Stewart's All American Racing will be available for download Sept. 4 on Xbox, PlayStation 4 and Steam.
Tony Stewart’s All American Racing will be available for download Sept. 4 on Xbox, PlayStation 4 and Steam.

NORTHFIELD, Minn. – After the success and critical acclaim of their first video game, Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing, Tony Stewart and Monster Games have partnered for another video game.

Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing will be available for download on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam on Sept. 4 and will feature a career mode that allows the player to build their own racing empire just like Stewart.

The game features a new physics engine and three unique car types.

“Ever since our sprint and TQ midget game came out earlier this year, the biggest question I get is from fans wanting to know when we’re going to do more,” said Stewart, three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion. “It’s more than just adding new cars. We really took the time to listen to the fan feedback and adapt the driving model to create a completely new experience. We think this could be one of the top dirt racing games released to date, and I’m excited to get it out to the fans this Friday.”

The game will feature U.S. Legend Cars, street stocks and big-block modifieds and 26 brand new dirt tracks. Career Mode has been revamped as well. Players can choose what they want to race right from the start, and then it’s all about building your racing empire. You can hire different managers to make your business more effective, or hire hot seat drivers to race for you. It’s all about choice, and allowing each player to have their own unique experience.

The 25-player online multiplayer has been improved and championship mode returns as well.

“It’s not every day you get the kind of access that we do to Tony and his team. He gave us some great insights into what it’s like being that rare owner/driver who is constantly working and thinking about all sides of a race team. And, that vision really plays out in our new career mode,” said Richard Garcia, president of Monster Games. “He’s really one of the last ones to be an owner/driver at the highest levels of motorsports, and arguably the best who’s ever done it. We’re truly blessed to have him as a partner.”

Tony Stewart’s All-American Racing will cost $29.99 Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam.

For those who haven’t played Tony Stewart’s Sprint Car Racing, a special bundle edition featuring both games will be available at Walmart beginning Sept. 22, courtesy of a publishing partnership with GameMill Entertainment.