SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This


Each month in SPEED SPORT Magazine we highlight some of our favorite Twitter posts from racing personalities from various disciplines. Here is the SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This from June 2018.

Matt Kenseth (@mattkenseth): What a day! Thanks to Jack, @markmartin and @roushfenway for the chance to come back home.

Justin Marks (@JustinMarksDG): @Mid_Ohio may not have cut the grass for the @IMSA weekend but at least they’re playing @pinkfloyd on the PA.

Jacob Wilson (@jacobwilson07): Find you a woman who installs tail tank numbers.

Rick Mast (@rickmast22): So my daughter Kaitie just did a concussion test on me. I barely passed. No way I would’ve passed this thing a few times back in the day.

Brad Keselowski (@keselowski): Men vs. women. Me – Riding in the car, “Do you hear that brake squeal?” Wife – “No, but I heard what you muttered 3 rooms away yesterday…”
Shane Stewart (@shanestewart_2): I miss Oklahoma but I don’t miss their roads.

Brian Brown (@BrianBrown21): Well someone just got engaged in my pit area so we’re off to a good start tonight.

Matt DiBenedetto (@mattdracing): Building and eating a lettuce wrap is the most aggravating thing I’ve done today. I felt like a 1-year-old eating cake with his hands.

Steve Casebolt (@caseboltc9): There’s a certain joy in eating alone. I can smack as loud as I want, I don’t have to be embarrassed about mayonnaise all over my face, nobody says anything about me eating 2 meals. The whole thing just feels right.

Danny Smith (@4DannySmith): Race fans, spring has been officially canceled and will not be made up. We will try again next year.

Nick Hoffman (@Nick_Hoffman2): I had my alarm set for 9 this morning .At least I made an attempt to get up early. I woke up and said this is stupid and went back to bed.

Jordan Taylor (@jordan10taylor): NASCAR drivers must drink an incredible amount of Coke during rain delays.

Briar Bauman (BriarBauman14): My coffee/water ratio the last few mornings has been giving me the shakes.

Alex Bowman (@AlexBowman88): So today @emmaboat1 forgot to turn the vent fan on while making bacon. Now everything smells like bacon. All our clothes, the entire bus, I was literally in the race car and could still smell bacon. It’s glorious.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (@DaleJr): My Mawmaw Earnhardt dropped by to visit Isla today. She tells me she still watches every Cup race on Sunday, and pulls for @ KevinHarvick because he took  over dad’s ride way back when. She’ll be 88 years old this year.

Ryan Blaney (@Blaney): The emotional lows and highs from getting a tractor stuck to successfully getting it out is worse than a superspeedway race.