SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This!


Each month in SPEED SPORT Magazine we highlight some of our favorite Twitter posts from racing personalities from various disciplines. Here is the SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This from December 2019.

Ben Kennedy (@BenKennedy33): Thanksgiving weekend: Holiday gift shopping. Monday: Unsubscribe from every email newsletter.

Kyle Steffens (@kylestffens8): Tonight, wife asked me if I wanted to go to Target. This is with a 3 year old and an 8 month old. 3 hours later, snacks, toy cars and a new cell phone we are out of Target. Aren’t the holidays great lol

Danny Dietrich (@dannydietrich): I’ve gotten boring on Twitter. Shame.

Sam Mayer (@sam_meyer_): My first weekend off in awhile and I’m going nuts already.

Jeb Burton (@JebBurtonRacing): Weekends are like pay checks, they don’t last very long and there isn’t enough of them.

Coleman Pressley (@ColemanPressley): Today I was “that guy” trying to load a trampoline in the back of a minivan with an audience in the background wondering if I would go back into the store and ask for help. I did my man duty and accomplished the task alone.

Steve Casebolt (@caseboltc9): Just left the sunglasses store. Tried on about every pair in there. Wife told me every pair looked bad on me. I’m starting to think the glasses aren’t the problem.

Sean Rayhall (@seanrayhall): Public Service Announcement, walk on the right side of a walkway when you’re in the USA or I will run you over. Thanks in advance.

Steve Letarte (@SteveLetarte): Grocery shopping the Sunday before Thanksgiving is a little like a mid-race restart @MartinsvilleSwy … still kinda polite. Want some cart position but not willing to make contact. Now Tuesday/Wednesday this week, look out.

Brian Keselowski (@KeselowskiBrian): Damn I must be getting old, I just got called Brad’s dad.

Conor Daly (@ConorDaly22): Let me tell you guys something… if you really want to spice up your life, try driving around in a car that’s power steering system randomly fails. Turn in – normal, mid-corner…GONE. All arms and elbows trying not to hit parked cars and pedestrians. The Subaru is a wild ride.

Regan Smith (@ReganSmith): Turn signals are a lost art form.

Ty Gibbs (@TyGibbs_): 100 percent the bread sticks you don’t eat @olivegarden go into the next basket.

Chris Ferguson (@ChrisFerguson22): I drive two fast cars, call them goose and maverick.

Kyle Larson (@KyleLarsonRacin): It’s bad when you get rid of close to 80 lbs. of clothes out of your closet and it doesn’t even look like you made much of a dent.