SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This


Each month in SPEED SPORT Magazine we highlight some of our favorite Twitter posts from racing personalities from various disciplines. Here is the SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This from July 2019.

Thomas Meseraull (@Tmezdriftz): I just sweet-talked a parking police woman out of a parking ticket in my crew chief’s truck #winning.

Jacob Allen (@JacobAllen1a): All the drunk people walking around downtown Nashville right now looks like an episode of the Walking Dead lol.

Sean Rayhall (@seanrayhall): Want to know how to get rid of baby fever? Have a mechanical on your 1st plane and get off to board the replacement plane with toddlers screaming. I’m good for another 5-10 years now.

Alexander Rossi (@AlexanderRossi): Glad @oriolservia got plenty of practice last weekend for his pace car duties today of keeping the leader behind him.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (@DaleJr): Spent an hour today searching EVERYWHERE for the house keys. Isla hid them in a kitchen cabinet. That was fun.

Ryan Vargas (@The_Rhino23): Peanut butter is disgusting, change my mind.

Jesse Little (@jesselittle97): No lie, 50 First Dates is a better romcom than The Notebook will ever be.

Myatt Snider (@MyattSnider): Nothing is more violent sounding than when the soap decides to play Tony Hawk’s pro skater with the tub in the shower.

Chase Briscoe (@ChaseBriscoe5): When @Logan_Seavey says, “Yeah, I’ll come run at 12” and it’s 1:30 and still a no show. Wins one USAC championship and now he big leagues me all the time.

Zane Smith (@ZaneSmith41): Was leavin @JRMotorsports today & a fan asked if I could take a pic of him and @JebBurtonRacing … hell ya.

Jonathan Rea (@jonathanrea): Just realized that my MBE legally allows me to countersign passport applications. Unfortunately, it’s illegal to do my own though. So there ya go, I’m available and offer competitive rates.

Austen Wheatley (@austenwheatley): After you’ve been in a race car, every public road instantly becomes a calculation of entry, apex and exit, seeing how fast you can take a turn. My poor Silverado.

Landon Simon (@LandonSimon24): Gasoline Alley: The only place you can work on your sprint cars while listening to Indy cars @IMS with a deer watching your every move … and possibly get robbed in broad daylight.

Mike McKinney (@Mike_McKinney): I feel like there comes that point in every man’s life where your significant other forces you to sit down and watch The Bachelorette … just wanted to let everyone know I am at that point and doing just fine.