SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This!


Each month in SPEED SPORT Magazine we highlight some of our favorite Twitter posts from racing personalities from various disciplines. Here is the SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This from February 2021.

Brandon Brown (@brandonbrown_68): Snow in Mooresville, I can only guess every store is out of milk, eggs, bread and toilet paper…

Rick Mast (@rickmast22): Last time I grew a beard it was brown. Got a little stubble going on now and it seems to be a little lighter. Think I’ll shave.

Corey LaJoie (@CoreyLaJoie): As much as 2020 sucked, it was the best year of my life. Made me truly realize everything I need has been already provided. This year instead of chasing what I don’t have, I’ll be building with what I’ve had all along.

Wyatt Alexander (@WAlexander_96): My brain has never computed how to properly chew sunflower seeds, which is too bad because I enjoy all the neat flavors and I enjoy the shell-less version you can purchase. Maybe someday when I’m a big kid.

Reilly Lanphear (@reillylanphear): Some girls don’t even work on their car and then there’s me. I spent the morning getting covered in grease and just washed my face with cherry bomb and used my car side mirror to get ready for Christmas dinner. There is SD20 in my hair but it’s fine. We are not the same.

Chad Finley (@Chad_Finley): Prayers up to all the husbands out there trying to Christmas shop for their wives this year, who have all been at home and known the @amazon delivery driver by name.

Julia Landauer (@julialandauer): I’ve reached the point of adulthood where every so often I just need to lie down and “rest.”

Alex Bowman (@Alex_Bowman): When you think you’re flying out of Concord, NC but your flight is really out of Concord, NH…

Ray Evernham (@RayEvernham): Have you ever noticed that when someone turns in front of you or pulls out in front of you that they turn their head and look away like that somehow is going to help it not hurt as much when you crash into them LOL