SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This


Each month in SPEED SPORT Magazine we highlight some of our favorite Twitter posts from racing personalities from various disciplines. Here is the SPEED SPORT Twitter Me This from March 2019.

Chase Edge (@chaseEdge18): My son just flushed a hot wheel down the toilet.

Jesse Little (@jesselittle97): Man…imagine if Cracker Barrel had mimosas.

Hailie Deegan (@HailieDeegan): Just went to my first sprint car race tonight AND LET ME TELL YOU, that is the most badass racing I have ever seen.

Robbie Kendall (@robbiekendall55): Getting a baby dressed is the devil to me…what fits, what doesn’t…3rd time was the charm today.

Eddie Krawiec (@EddieKrawiec): When it rains how come people forget how to drive? #baddrivers

Rick Mast (@rickmast22): I’m 60 years old and evidently don’t know what damn clothes to wash together or what goes in the dryer or not. And then add in heavy, light, hot, cold…
Marco Andretti (@MarcoAndretti): Starbucks: Me: “Can I please have a coffee?” SB: “Will that be all?” Me: “Yep.” SB: “Your total is $47.95.”

Mason Mitchell (@TheMasonRacin): It’s so damn cold politicians have their hands in their own pockets.

Kyle Steffens (@kylesteffens8): Been trying to put together an @IKEAUSA piece of furniture for what seems all day today. 2 1/2 year old slowing down this process by about 5 hours.

Jenson Button (@JensonButton): What was the first thing you typed into your browser this morning? For me it would normally be a classic car search until today, today it was push chairs. Oh How I’ve changed!

Nick Hoffman (@Nick_Hoffman2): Just had a black cat run across the road right in front of me. Locked up the brakes to miss it. Only a week before I leave for Florida. I’m screwed.

Noah Gragson (@NoahGragson): Went to the mall today. Saw a guy in a @JRMotorsports hat. He seemed confused and said thanks. I then felt like I was bothering him.

Briar Bauman (@BriarBauman14): I’ve yet to find anything that feels better than blowing a knuckle off the sprocket mid tire change.

Cory Texter (@CoryTexter): Yesterday a dude comes to the house trying to sell me some palm trees. The first thing he asked me, “Are your parents home?”

Brady Bacon (@BradyBacon): Pretty sure our Uber driver is stoned and out of his mind.