SPEED SPORT & Sprint Car & Midget Chili Bowl Coverage Garners Massive Engagement

SPEED SPORT and Sprint Car & Midget's coverage of the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals generated massive numbers in 2020.
SPEED SPORT and Sprint Car & Midget's coverage of the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals generated massive numbers in 2020.

Comprehensive reporting and live behind-the-scenes programming highlight months-long editorial effort

MOORESVILLE, N.C. – SPEED SPORT has covered the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals since the inaugural event was run in 1987. In recent years, SPEED SPORT has expanded its Chili Bowl coverage to include video interviews, social media and months of editorial features — setting the stage for the largest midget race in the world.

This year, SPEED SPORT took its coverage to the next level thanks to MyRacePass and the event promoters and sponsors returning to support its LIVE From the Chili Bowl program. Additionally, new partner, Mobil 1, called on SPEED SPORT to develop additional content focusing on Keith Kunz Motorsports and other Mobil 1 and Toyota supported teams in a content package called Mobil 1 Road to the Golden Driller.

SPEED SPORT and Sprint Car & Midget’s experienced on-site team was led by veteran broadcaster Ralph Sheheen with ace reporter and sprintcarandmidget.com editor Jacob Seelman chasing down the stories. Tony Bokhoven, Patrick Sullivan and Dave Argabright contributed, (Sprint Car & Midget columnists Brady Bacon and Kevin Olson were busy racing the event). Photography was provided by Frank Smith, Brendan Bauman, Devin Mayo, Richard Bales and Jeff Taylor. Video producer Nate Ober and marketing director Chad Markel rounded out the team.

Between the two programs, SPEED SPORT and Sprint Car & Midget published 184 Chili Bowl stories generating nearly 400,000 unique views and over 1 million minutes of engagement…demonstrating fans still value traditional journalism.

“Our approach to covering the Chili Bowl isn’t any different than the way SPEED SPORT has covered motorsports for the past 85 years,” said SPEED SPORT Editor and 2019 National Sprint Car Poll 410 Media Member of the Year award winner Mike Kerchner. “We ask the questions nobody else is asking, look for the stories behind the story and relay what we learn in an informative and objective fashion. Covering motorsports is not only trumpeting the winners, but following heartbroken losers, controversial topics and — particularly in the case of the Chili Bowl — those who have put everything they have into simply participating.

“These statistics prove that in a world of social media and instant gratification, people still rely on true journalism to get the whole story.”

Regardless of the program or platform, the vast majority of SPEED SPORT’s Chili Bowl coverage included calls to action and links to point fans to the live streaming coverage provided by The Racin’ Boys, timing & scoring providing by MyRacePass, or the live broadcast on MAVTV. In all, SPEED SPORT’s coverage generated nearly 5 million impressions for the event’s broadcast partners.

Inside The Numbers of SPEED SPORT’s Chili Bowl Coverage…

Video: SPEED SPORT produced 51 Chili Bowl videos, ranging from fully produced features, live interviews and post-race reports to lifestyle and color pieces. Combined, these videos and broadcasts generated over 4,000 hours of engagement.

Social Media: Across its various social media pages, SPEED SPORT’s Chili Bowl coverage reached a staggering 3.5 million users and more than 300,000 engagements.

Newsletters: SPEED SPORT showcased the two programs’ sponsor banners on its popular Daily and Hot Laps newsletters with an overall audience of over 2 million and 300,000 opens.

Digital Ads: SPEEDSPORT.com and SprintcarandMidget.com garnered in excess of 1.3 million banner impressions for the Chili Bowl broadcast and partners.

SPEED SPORT’s Chili Bowl coverage wraps up with the February issue of SPEED SPORT Magazine and the March issue of Sprint Car & Midget Magazine.

SPEED SPORT will now take its “LIVE From” show to Florida Speedweek. Other highlights on the schedule this year include the 60th Knoxville Nationals and The World Finals. For information on how to get “America’s Pre-Race Show” at your event, contact SPEED SPORT’s advertising department.

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