SPEED SPORT Magazine Continues To Evolve


SPEED SPORTSPEED SPORT Magazine subscribers will soon be receiving the May 2017 edition in their mailboxes. They’ll no doubt notice the new cover design and we hope they’ll enjoy the larger typeface, increased spacing and other design changes that should make the SPEED SPORT experience more pleasurable.

Other changes are in store, and over the coming months we will be gradually implementing additional content and design changes.

Our vision when launching SPEED SPORT Magazine in March 2012 was to focus on features, in-depth columns and useful resources in the print magazine while shifting time-sensitive and breaking news content to the website — SPEEDSPORT.com. It represented a natural and necessary evolution of the weekly newspaper — and reflected the shift in our readers and consumers in general turning to the internet for news.

The changes we are making to SPEED SPORT Magazine represent our ongoing commitment to meet our readers’ needs and match the type of content with the best platform possible for delivering it.

SPEED SPORT’s growing audience is diverse and increasingly uses websites, mobile devices and social media to access motorsports news and information. SPEEDSPORT.com, the leading destination for motorsports news and information, is optimized for viewing on desktop or mobile devices, so you can access it wherever you are. Our free daily newsletter, “The Daily,” delivers the day’s top motorsport headlines directly to your email inbox each morning. Our popular Facebook page is also a great source for not only the latest news, but to find and share content with friends.

SPEED SPORT Magazine readers will notice several design changes in the May 2017 issue of SPEED SPORT Magazine.

Our award-winning television program, “Suzuki Presents SPEED SPORT,” showcases some of the best short-track racing in the country weekly on MAVTV.

We remain committed to our subscribers. Their loyalty and support are a cornerstone of our business. We will continue to invest in producing quality content, we will deliver it in the best means possible and we will always strive to deliver the best possible value.

While much of the online content is available free, as a subscriber you enjoy unlimited access to premium content, including every article, editorial or feature from the magazine. You also have unlimited access to SPEEDSPORT.tv, so you can watch full-length episodes of our award-winning productions whenever you like, even if you don’t have MAVTV.

We welcome your feedback and are ready to assist if you need help accessing any of our content platforms. Most of all, we sincerely appreciate your continued support and trust in SPEED SPORT — America’s Motorsports Authority.


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