GRC To Test New ‘Lites’ Class


LOS ANGELES — Global Rallycross Championship will conduct a test of a potential second class to be added to select GRC events. This new Lites class has been created to provide the perfect training ground for drivers to familiarize themselves with the dynamic sport of rallycross.

The cars will be built by OMSE and will be a tightly controlled “spec” class with an emphasis on driver skill and reduced low running costs.

“This concept is exactly what is needed to continue to propel the growth of GRC,” said Colin Dyne, GRC CEO. “It will give new drivers a chance to make a name for themselves in cars that are serious racecars in their own right before they step into the Supercar class.””

The naturally aspirated cars feature all-wheel drive, sequential transmissions, and fully adjustable suspension. Their power-to-weight ratio and grip levels make them a true driver’s car and there is sure to be plenty of action-packed racing.

In addition to designing and developing the car, OMSE would provide trackside technical assistance and a spares program. This will further lower the initial investment for new owners.

GRC is working closely with OMSE to gauge the interest in the new series and take the input of drivers and teams to create an optimal package.

The Lites cars are fast, nimble, and exciting to watch, but are less powerful and more affordable for developing stars than the GRC’s Supercar class, which features 600 bhp, turbocharged all-wheel drive cars that go 0-60 in two seconds. Manufacturers including Subaru, Ford, Dodge, Citroen and Hyundai have fielded Supercar cars in the series.