Forgeline Introduces Two New Multispoke Wheels

The new Forgeline multispoke NW102 wheel.

DAYTON, Ohio – Two new multispoke designs – the 15-spoke NW102 and split V-spoke NW103 – have expanded Forgeline’s range of fully-forged, one-piece monoblock racing wheels.

The new NW102 and NW103 designs are available in 18-, 19-, 20-, 21- and 22-inch diameters and range of offsets to suit virtually any application.

Like all Forgeline wheels, each set is custom-built to customer specifications, including color and finish. Order and dealer information are available at

“These new wheel choices represent an important evolution in Forgeline wheel design,” said Forgeline president Dave Schardt. “Their bold, detailed multispoke styling pushes our design language further, delivering a stronger visual statement with even more complex machining details.”

Forgeline’s fully-forged, one-piece monoblock wheels are machined from a single 6061-T6 aluminum forging, creating a wheel that is stiff and strong, yet also lightweight.

The new NW102 design features 15 multidimensional spokes, including five split spokes that span integrated lug holes, with chamfered edges and five unique, grooved single spokes that reach outward beyond the lug holes.

The new Forgeline multispoke NW103 wheel.

The distinctive NW103 has a design featuring five split V-spokes that span integrated lug holes with multidimensional edges – each featuring a unique cutout along the spokes’ inner edge.

The NW103 also includes a deep chamfered outer edge, precision-engraved with “Forgeline Motorsports,” “Monoblock,” “Forged 6061-T6,” and “Made in USA.”

“For customers that desire the stiffest, strongest and lightest racing wheels possible, the Forgeline monoblock series delivers,” said Schardt. “And no matter which style you select, they will look as good as they perform.”