Daytona1 Racing Lubricant Introduced


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Magellan Int’l Lubrication and Chemical Technologies Inc. has introduced a new line of innovative lubricants designed to increase performance and reliability in race cars today during the Charlotte Auto Racing Show.

These lubricants, branded as Daytona1, are based on innovative technologies proven at NASA in the space shuttle crawler as well as proven with prominent NASCAR teams.

The performance lubricants, labeled “Defrictionators” by Magellan, reduce friction at key points in the powertrain – engine, transmission and rear axle. The Daytona1 Defrictionators are designed to be used two ways: (i) an additive package that works with any brand of existing oil (ii) a fully formulated oil designed for a specific application.

In tests on dynamometers at a Charlotte-area racing facility, adding Daytona1 Defrictionaters to a high-end racing lubricant resulted in noticeably increased horsepower and torque. By reducing friction, the Daytona 1 Defrictionaters also increase fuel efficiency and reliability. Other Defrictionaters include the Daytona 1 Racing Shock Fluids that reduce fade and the fully formulated Daytona 1 Gear Oils that reduce parasitic drag, which Magellan believes is the most innovative technology in the industry.

Magellan works closely with the Florida Institute of Technology’s Center for Automotive Research, Melbourne, FL. Gerald J. Micklow, PhD, PE, who leads the Center, assists Magellan with additional testing, improving existing products and developing new products.

In addition to the Defrictionator products, Magellan offers a series of custom-designed biodegradable industrial lubricants. The lubricants are 100 percent synthetic formulations, specifically designed to increase equipment performance, extend equipment life and increase equipment reliability.

A complementary line of Magellan industrial coatings has proved to be highly successful in restoring and protecting metal objects from the harsh effects of sand, sun and wind in the Daytona Beach area.

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