What Is Your Favorite Racing Movie?


What is your favorite racing movie?

SPEED SPORT Magazine is asking that question and others of its readers in preparation with a story profiling the history of motorsports in film that will be published in the September issue of the monthly magazine.

Three new racing movies will debut this year, beginning with “Turbo,” which opened in mid-July and continuing with “Snake & Mongoose” Sept. 6 and Ron Howard’s Rush, which hits theaters Sept. 27.

So what is your favorite racing movie? Is it “Days of Thunder,” “Heart Like A Wheel,” “Cars,” “The Roaring Road,” “Driven,” “Speed Kings,” “Le Mans,” “Grand Prix,” “To Please A Lady,” “The Big Wheel” or “Talladega Nights”?

Who is your favorite movie character? Cole Trickle, Shirley Muldowney, Ricky Bobby, Pete Aron, Michael Delaney or one of the many of others that have graced the Silver Screen.

Let us know your favorites by clicking here.

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