RPM Promoters Workshops Draw Near


racing promoters workshopsRENO, Nev. – A challenged industry grappling with a changing business climate and the influence of digital media will gather in December and February for the 42nd Annual RPM Promoters Workshops in Nevada and Florida.

“There is widespread concern throughout oval motorsports as demographic changes take hold, as the weak economy continues, and digital pastimes keep people indoors at home,” said Workshops Chairman Stewart Doty, Editor of Racing Promotion Monthly, the presenter of the workshops. “Business conditions are the most difficult in 40 years, but despite this, we witness operations that meet the challenges head on and surmount them, and the Workshops offers all the sport’s stakeholders the opportunity to share what’s working for them.”

Twenty sessions at Reno, Nevada, and Daytona Beach, Florida, and at the second annual [email protected] one-day workshop, Racing Promotion Monthly, the idea newsletter for auto racing promoters, will engage industry leaders, promoters, track owners, racing officials, clubs and traveling series, in dialogue as they seek to establish an action plan for promoters that will rebuild car counts and the sport’s fan base. The Reno Western Workshop takes place Dec. 4-5, 2014, the Daytona Speedweek Workshop takes place Feb. 16-17, 2015. Between the two, promoters will gather for an intense one-day workshop at the Brickyard Crossing Golf Club in Indianapolis on Dec. 10. Workshop sessions and schedules will soon be available online and in Racing Promotion Monthly.