Quail Gathering Hosts Ferrari Collection

David Lee Ferrari
David Lee poses in front of his Ferraris. (David Lee photo)

LOS ANGELES — Noted Los Angeles Ferrari collector David Lee will be displaying five cars from his unique Ferrari supercar collection at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering 2014.

This will mark the first time David Lee’s remarkable collection will be displayed to the public as a group and likely the first time many Ferrari enthusiasts will set their eyes on the outrageous 288 GTO Evoluzione, a 2,072 lbs. Kevlar bodied beast, powered by a 650HP, V8 twin–turbo engine. This particular “Evo” was owned by the legendary Belgian racer and Ecurie Francorpchamps team owner, Jacques Swaters, for over 20 years. Alongside the ferocious Evo will be the legendary street legal version 288 GTO, as well as an F40, an F50 with only 560 miles and the stunning Enzo.

While many Ferrari collectors focus on vintage models, David Lee’s collection is known for its variety and its rarity; from a 275 GTB 6 cam (only six produced) and a Daytona Spyder to both 288 GTO’s and an Enzo.

When asked what led him to such an eclectic collection of Ferraris, Lee said, “I’ve always loved fast cars with beautiful lines and no marque has ever captured that in one package better than Ferrari. Each one of my Ferraris was groundbreaking in its day and pushed the envelope of performance and design. My goal is to drive a Ferrari seven days a week, the FF as my daily driver and any one of my classics on weekends. I also co–host Morning Octane, a monthly gathering of sports cars at the Rose Bowl, which gives me a chance to share my cars with fellow enthusiasts.”

The Lee Ferrari collection includes: 275 GTB (6 cam), 330 GTS, 365 GTB, 288 GTO, 288 GTO Evoluzione, F40, F50, Enzo, and FF.

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