Motostalgia Auction d’Elegance In Austin


Many of the collector cars to be offered are automobiles with fabled histories, World Champion pedigree and a provenance of sheer affluence, fame and fortune. Highlights include a barn find from Argentina, a rare 1930 Rolland Palain, all aluminum, ridged body French Grand Prix racer. Other highlights include a 1953 Cadillac Eldorado of which only 225 were known to have survived out of the original 532 ever built, until now. Motostalgia has found No. 226 and will offer it at this rare sale.

The 1991 Callaway Speedster No. 008 Aerobody, one of only 10 produced is a very rare vehicle to ever go up for private sale or auction and will be offered at the event. Other highlights include 1933 Duesenberg Model J “Queen of Diamonds” Sports Beline sedan and a very rare 1964 Amphicar, similar to the one once owned by Lyndon B. Johnson. The former President was a prankster, and would fool unsuspecting guests by driving right into the lake at his Texas ranch while pretending he lost his brakes. Little did they know that the rare vehicle floated in water and also drove on the road giving way to the name Amphicar.

It was Frank Sinatra who said “You buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody. You buy a Lamborghini when you are somebody,” and with that in mind Motostalgia will also offer a 1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition automobile, a true spectacle on any road and at any speed.

A collection of 356 Porsches include a 1957 Speedster, a 1959 356 A Super and a 1953 356 Pre-A. These are only a sampling of the other automobiles being offered and ones that can very well attract the likes of Tom Cruise, Jerry Seinfeld and David Beckham, who share a lifelong passion for vintage Porsche vehicles of the highest quality.

Motostalgia is also unique in offering enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy two of the most exciting events in motorsports: auctions and racing. Collectors and racing fans can partake in the Grand Prix of all auctions, Motostalgia Auction d’Elegance, and the US F1 Grand Prix 2013 race, both in Austin, Texas on the same weekend. Registered bidders will enjoy the opportunity to garner access to special ticket packages to the US Grand Prix 2013 race with up-close views of all the action, access to exclusive on-site venues and celebrity appearances including VIPS from the world of fashion, film, television and racing.

Motostalgia has combined European flair, renowned expertise and the ability to create the ultimate motorsport bliss to bring this monumental auction event to Austin during US Grand Prix 2013 weekend.

“For those collectors who are expecting to see rare automobiles and for those who aspire to be part of this lifestyle, the Motostalgia Auction d’Elegance is an event that cannot be missed,” said Antonio Brunet. Producing it during the US Grand Prix Weekend in Austin, Texas this year is absolutely perfect timing.”