Helton To Give Keynote Speech At SEMA

Mike Helton
Mike Helton

LAS VEGAS — NASCAR President Mike Helton will present the Racing and Performance Keynote speech Nov. 5 in the VTC Theater during the SEMA show.

SEMA Chairman of the Board Nate Shelton will provide the opening comments for this exciting keynote session.

SEMA-member companies continue to play a significant role in NASCAR’s 70-year history and Gen-6 evolution, and NASCAR has played an equally important role in SEMA’s 50-year history and continuing evolution. SEMA’s roots are embedded in racing and the performance aftermarket. Racing and the performance lifestyle are critical to continued relevance and innovation within the NASCAR and SEMA communities and include longtime members and enthusiasts as well as next-generation companies, fans and enthusiasts.

The Racing and Performance Forum panel session will be held Nov. 5 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the VTC. Speakers will include Jamie Allison, director of Ford Racing; Jim Campbell, leader of General Motors Performance Vehicles and Motorsports; Wilfried Eibach, chairman of the Eibach Group; Alwin Springer, former president of Porsche Motorsport North America; and Yves Morizot, founder and chairman of Stand21. The roster will also include several other leaders from the racing and performance community.

John Kilroy, vice president and general manager of PRI, will provide an overview of the exciting programs and events leading PRI’s return to Indianapolis, the racing capital of the world.

This forum panel will address questions about the impact of advanced technologies and tighter federal emissions and fuel-efficiency standards on the racing and performance market today and in the near future. For instance, is Gen Y’s lack of interest in cars affecting racing and performance? Does 4G trump a V-8 for many young people who may be less interested in driving than their parent’s generation was?

Does winning on Sunday still translate to selling on Monday?

This session will explore how leading automakers and SEMA companies are focusing on matching horsepower with the fastest computing power and supporting existing series such as NASCAR and off-road racing. It will also review the merger of Grand-Am and ALMS to form the United SportsCar Racing series as well as new series such as Global Rallycross.