Wilson, Carpenter Penalized For Texas Issues


INDIANAPOLIS – Justin Wilson and Dale Coyne Racing got to celebrate a big victory Saturday at Texas Motor Speedway, but today the IZOD IndyCar Series took a bit of the wind out of their sails.

During post-race inspection it was found that the No. 18 entry driven by Wilson didn’t comply with the sidepod top deck aerodynamic element of Rule As a result, the team was fined $7,500 and docked five entrant points for the infraction.

In addition, the No. 20 Ed Carpenter Racing team was fined $5,000 and penalized one entrant point for not complaying with Rule (A rear wing wicker up to a maximum of 1/8 inch height and full span may be used). This infraction was also found during post-race inspection.

Both teams are allowed to contest these penalties if they choose to do so.