The People’s Race Car


INDIANAPOLIS — The People’s Race Car has come to represent more than just an Indy car funded entirely by fans and operated by Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing.

Cutters Race Team is the brain child behind the movement but it’s the people who have become sponsors of The People’s Race Car that are making the movement happen and making a difference along the way. Lives are being changed. Friends are connecting with deeper relationships. Families are honoring loved ones – those who are gone and those simply far away – with tributes by placing those names on the car instead of their own.

Kathie Mason is one of those sponsors. Instead of telling her friends about having her name on the car, she is letting her son, Dylan O’Dell, have bragging rights. After all, thanks to his mom, it’s his name that is on the car. Kathie’s son is currently serving our country in the Middle East.

His love for the Indianapolis 500 rivals his love of country, and the only reason he’s missed a race in 14 years is because he was deployed. Dylan doesn’t know of this honor bestowed upon him yet but he’ll find out when he returns to Indianapolis in May, just in time for the activities at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to start.

Other sponsors are putting names of loved ones who have passed away on the car.

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