Pocono Sweep Ends Ganassi Team’s Drought


After a 24-year hiatus, IndyCars are back at Pocono and it was a tremendous return.

“For me, it’s the first time I had ever been to the circuit,” Dixon said. “I had obviously seen it many times on TV and watched Cup races, as well, but to come here for the first time, just the sheer size of the track, seems bigger than Indy, I don’t know why; maybe with so many grandstands around it, but turn one is fantastic.

“And the support that we had here today for the first time back, the fans and everybody that were out here were knowledgeable people; and people from the Watkins Glen area and some of the other race tracks and Nazareth where I got my first win, you know, five years ago or something silly. I think that we have got to go to these circuits where there’s a great fan base here, very knowledgeable fans. And for us, for me, I don’t know how the others feel, but I love the circuits. It’s very challenging and it’s very different, and you have to be good in both one and three, as opposed to just sort of just getting on a run. Yeah, I’ll always be excited to come back to Pocono for sure.

“I’m so excited, super excited and just hope that we can, as I say, carry this momentum and have some more great results.”