Mike Conway Pulls Off IndyCar Upset


That put Wilson in the lead to become the third different leader of the race and the second Dale Coyne Racing driver to take the lead.

Wilson pitted on Lap 55 and had a bit of a slow stop and that put Conway back in the lead with only 15 laps to go and a commanding lead over rookie driver Tristan Vautier, who had yet to make a pit stop.

After Vautier made his pit stop there was no catching Conway’s Honda.

“It was a tough one,” Hunter-Reay said after finishing second. “The track was constantly changing all day because it was so green to start with. It had barely any rubber down because of the on-and-off rain. As we got going, it was almost like a motocross track. The grip was changing. It would change the balance of the car, which was fun in a way to try to stay on top of it. We lost the race in the middle stint when we used alternate tires. I’m not sure why, what’s happening, but we’re just beating up our rear tires more than some of the others.

“I know other guys out there really struggled on the alternates. Man, when Conway went primary, primary, alternate. So black, black, red. We went black, red, black, and we lost the race in the middle stint.

“I was catching him (Conway) two seconds a lap at the end. It wasn’t enough. He built up a big-enough lead. He said he was even taking care of his reds at the end.

“What a weekend for Conway to show up. It’s good to have the best out there, though. You know Mike can really get it done when he’s got the car, and he showed that today. Congratulations to him and the Dale Coyne team.”

Conway was unstoppable on Saturday but there is another race on Sunday and it’s a chance for the vanquished to find a way to beat him from what they learned on Saturday.

“You get an understanding of where the pace needs to be, what you need to do with the tires,” Hunter-Reay said. “Other than that, we have a race to race tomorrow.”