IndyCar Drama The Talk Of Baltimore


Dixon remains the man caught in the crossfire.

“I want to move forward,” he said. “It angered me that it was a situation there were two parties are fault but only one person got the penalty. It’s tough to swallow to go from four or six points behind to 39 now. We still have four races to go and I’m excited about the four races that are left. All we can do is put our head down, put it behind us and try to do our best.

“How the rule book is written they didn’t have a lot of choices but worst case scenario there should have been a fine. When I left the pits there was nothing in my way and then the last minute in the corner of my eye I see something moving towards me. We don’t have eyes in the back of my head and I can’t move equipment. It’s a gray area and something that will be followed closer now that it is under a spotlight. I hope in the future it doesn’t affect the outcome like it did.”

Dixon has had several instances of bad luck but so far this year points leader Castroneves has kept it clean and that is why he has been in the lead since June 1.

He intends to do what he did last Sunday at Sonoma that is keep his cool and score a safe finish.

“I hope so because I said it before that race at Sonoma I would rather be lucky than good and I’ll take it,” Castroneves said of his seventh-place finish. “That is what we have been doing the whole season. We have been strategic at trying to be smart. The whole thing is helping and I take it.

“I feel that we have made a statement after two years here that we have created a base of fans here. Last year was good with over 100,000 people here for three days. We need to have races like this in this part of the country. There are a lot of cities near here and with that circumstance it’s very important for us to be in Baltimore.”

But even Castroneves had his issues in the race with several drivers at Sonoma.

“I was not happy with some of my colleagues and I was very outspoken about it,” Castroneves said. “In fact, I went to talk to Marco Andretti about it. We were able to put ourselves in the position and Roger Penske made a great call on strategy and we went for it. Some of the other guys were over-driving and we knew when to let up a little bit. Marco and I have talked so everything is cool now. He didn’t see some of the things that happened. Once we were three-wide and I was in the middle.

“The other incident with another driver I let it go because if you start talking to everyone you sound like a Whiney Guy.”

The 12-turn, 2.04-mile street course in Baltimore is unlike the wide expanses of last week’s road course at Sonoma because there are very little runoff areas. If a driver has some incidents with another car in this race, the chances are both could end up in the wall or the tire barriers.

That is why drivers have to be cognizant of potential incidents on the streets of Baltimore.