Hunter-Reay Owns Milwaukee Again!


Power was actually knocked into the grass with three laps to go when he was racing his teammate for position.

“Will runs good in the grass; he’s a road course guy,” Castroneves said. “That was my line. I was running low, high, trying to stay ahead of the traffic. He took a chance, he took a look and Rick Mears said he was there. When I saw he was there I held up a little bit and he kept going. It’s a tough corner. There were three laps to go and you wanted to be as difficult as you can.”

“The Milwaukee race kinda looked a little like Texas,” Power said. “A guy took off, lost his tires at the end of the run and other guys caught up. This was a race where a guy had to really drive it. Now, you have to drive these things and stay on top of the car. It’s the same at Milwaukee.”

“I’m focusing every weekend on solid results. When we get to Toronto and a bunch of street and road racers that have been my strength at the start. I’m taking it race by race now to see how it plays out. It’s a very big deficit to try to overcome but it’s not impossible.”

Castroneves second place finish was a fine drive after he started 17th.

“Great, great result,” Castroneves said of his drive from mid-pack. “You have to think ahead especially guys on your car. For me it was a very good race because this is what you need to be good and aggressive and know what to do.

“I was a little upset with lapped traffic. I have to wait a while to let my blood pressure go down.”

“I feel good about where we are in the championship and we are coming up to a lot of strong tracks for us,” Michael Andretti said. “Ryan is definitely in his prime; there is no question about it. He is at the perfect age. He knows exactly what he needs in the race car and certain positions in the race. Those are the things that come with experience and those are the things that win you championships. From the middle of 2011 things just clicked for him and that is how you win championships. He started to see the bigger picture better and has scored more points than anybody since then.”

While Andretti has called the past two IndyCar races at The Milwaukee Mile a success he has benefited from IndyCar giving him very favorable sanctioning fees. That came when Randy Bernard was the CEO. But after Bernard’s firing last October and Mark Miles now in charge of Hulman & Company the future of this race remains uncertain.

Will Andretti be in charge of this race next year?

“We’re working on it,” Andretti said. “We’re not there yet. We are working on it with the League (IndyCar).”

Ask Hunter-Reay and he would probably pay the sanctioning fee to returned to Milwaukee because right now the driver and track are a perfect fit. It was where last year’s championship foundation was laid.

“Every driver you talk about respect this track the most,” Hunter-Reay said. “It’s an oval that drives like a road course. To get it right these cars it’s hard to get it right and it’s flat here. It creates some great racing. Everybody was dicing it up.

“In sports when you get into a rhythm it’s nothing you can put your finger on but it spreads over the team. That carried over last year week-in and week-out. It all started here. It’s a great place to get it going again because I love this place and Andretti does well here but it’s a great place to do this again.

“I’m fighting every week. I love the team I’m on and the atmosphere. I hope I can keep doing this.”