Dixon Tops Baltimore IndyCar Time Trials


Vautier contends he was never warned of Rahal’s stopped race car.

“No, it was there for a while, actually, apparently from what I heard,” Vautier said. “But I didn’t get the signal there was a car in the middle of the line. I slowed down but apparently not enough.”

Controversy is part of the IZOD IndyCar Series and having a street race featuring Target/Chip Ganassi Racing’s Power and Team Penske’s Power on the front row should make for quite a show. These are two great drivers – one from New Zealand and the other from Australia – who have been the focal point of attention all week.

“We are competitors,” Dixon said. “When you get caught up in the heat of the moment sometimes you say things that you would like to take back. But as teams it’s great to see such a rivalry and that carryover for the fans. The strength of that for the series is very important.

“Through the sessions and with how the track has been you are always fighting to get out first to get an extra lap in it’s fun to see all that is going on. It’s fun for everybody else. There are so many other teams and Will is so good on these street courses if you are fighting for the pole you know it’s going to be against Will. It means we are doing a good job.”

Despite the controversy of last Sunday’s race at Sonoma Dixon did send him a text message that said, “Hey, all best aside, it’s good to see you back in Victory Circle.’ It had been a little while since Will had been there. I respect Will. He’s a fantastic driver and hopefully we’ll be competing for a lot of years.

“He’s still an Aussie Wanker, though.”

Dixon, a New Zealander, and Power, the Aussie, are creating quite a rivalry in the North American based racing series.

“It’s such a pity we don’t race in Australia any more,” Power said. “At the end of the day it’s about getting the most out of your car and respecting your competitors because they are all bloody good out there, I’ll tell ya.

“It was a pit lane thing that happened; it wasn’t between us as drivers. It is pretty funny, though, that this week he is pitting in front of us. Scott has been around a long time and people have their own views on what happened and it creates a big deal what happened. But between him and I it’s not like we had an incident on the track.

“It is good for the sport to have Team Penske and Ganassi in a rivalry like this. Ganassi has their stuff together right now. We used to have an advantage on the street courses and now they seem to have an advantage.”