Three Will Likely Lead F-1 Charge For Years


BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — Sebastian Vettel’s agreeing to stay at Red Bull through 2014 gives fans the exhilarating prospect of three dynasties battling it out in F-1 in the coming seasons.

Ferrari may be keen to sign Vettel, but there is no way he would want to go to what is Fernando Alonso’s team. McLaren always tries to hire the two best drivers available, but Vettel is now off its radar for the next four years.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner believes that Lewis Hamilton will get frustrated if McLaren has not produced a winning car for him this season. But he is quick to add that Red Bull is happy with its line-up of Vettel and Mark Webber and that the team is not trying to lure Hamilton.

“You would think he is not going to be happy if he has another barren year, but that’s not to say we are looking for Lewis to come to our team,” Horner reported. “We’re very happy with the two drivers we currently have, but it’s more of a question you’re going to need to ask Lewis than certainly I can answer for you.”

Like McLaren, Red Bull treats its drivers as equal number ones, but as Webber found out, Vettel is the favored son at Red Bull. Hamilton is going to stay at McLaren.

So the battle lines are drawn between Vettel/Red Bull vs. Hamilton/McLaren vs. Alonso/Ferrari.

Their teammates (Webber at Red Bull, Jenson Button at McLaren and Felipe Massa at Ferrari) will also be in the thick of the melee, but these three drivers are the young cornerstones of three formidable dynasties that will fight it out for years to come.