Veteran Drag Racer Bobby Lagana Sr. Dies


Bobby Lagana Sr., a veteran drag racer and patriarch of the Lagana family of racers, died Thursday. He was 72 years old.

Lagana’s world revolved around his kids, and for him it meant bringing them up at the racetrack. Lagana was all about keeping his word, and teaching his kids the value of family and true friendship. Lagana would never refuse anyone in need and would drop anything to help even a stranger.

Lagana lost his first daughter, Dinah, at 10 years old; he then had four more kids with wife Marie and raised them in Dinah’s honor. Two of those children, Bobby Jr. and Dominick, have become successful racers themselves. Lagana’s wife Marie passed away in 2000 after a short battle with cancer. Through all the good times and bad times, Lagana enjoyed life to the fullest and has four great kids to live in his honor.

In lieu of flowers, the Lagana family asks that support of a charity close to Bobby Sr.’s heart be remembered: D.R.A.W. ( Lagana knew firsthand the power of D.R.A.W. and would never forget the assistance his family received from them.