Switzer Supports X-DRL


KERRVILLE, Texas — In just a short time, Switzer Dynamics has become a premier name in the nitrous world.

In 2013, its involvement will include a significant partnership with the new X-treme Drag Racing League (X-DRL), as Switzer Dynamics was named the official sponsor of the X-DRL’s Pro Nitrous class for the inaugural 2013 season on Thursday.

The class will officially be called the Switzer Dynamics Pro Nitrous class for the X-DRL’s 2013 campaign.

“Nitrous racing is where are passion is and a lot of people that are running in the X-DRL support us, and we wanted to support the X-DRL and our customers. We are very excited to be official sponsor of the Pro Nitrous class. The X-DRL has good people involved and it’s a good place to race,” Switzer Dynamics Owner Brandon Switzer said.