Norwalk Strip In Fight With ODOT

Summit Motorsports Park (Mike Gbur/JMS Pro photo photo)

NORWALK, Ohio — Summit Motorsports Park President Bill Bader Jr. and officials from the Ohio Department of Transportation are locked in a heated dispute regarding the state-of-the-art drag strip.

According to ODOT Director Jerry Wray, three light poles on the property “penetrate the civil airport imaginary surfaces” from the nearby Huron County Airport as laid out by Federal Aviation Administration regulations. The ODOT has denied an appeal by Summit Motorsports Park officials in regard to the topic.

Bader told the Norwalk Reflector he fears taking down the lighting poles could lead to the track losing its NHRA national event and insurance.

“Ultimately we were found in violation,” he added. “This is a serious issue.”

Bader expects to be given an ultimatum to remove the poles, but plans to fight the ODOT on the issue.

“I will bankrupt my company fighting them, but I will not take those poles down,” Bader told the Reflector. “It’s a very critical part of the track.”

It’s the latest chapter in a battle that has been raging for more than a year between Summit Motorsports Park officials and the ODOT.

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