Billy Glidden Hospitalized After Crash


ORLANDO, Fla. — Pro Modified drag racer Billy Glidden was transported to Orlando Regional Hospital following a crash while testing Tuesday afternoon at Orlando Speed World Dragway.

Glidden, the son of many-time NHRA Pro Stock champion Bob Glidden was making a run in his 2010 Ford Mustang when the car experienced tire shake in the right lane.

The car then turned right and impacted the right retaining wall before crossing the track where it struck the left retaining wall.

Glidden was knocked unconscious, but regained consciousness as track safety personnel arrived on the scene.

Glidden, who complained of back pain, was cut from the car and was transported to Orlando Regional Hospital by ambulance.

Glidden was awake and moving his extremities.

Early Wednesday, Glidden was in stable condition and, though he had some swelling in his back, all scans came back negative. He was expected to be held for observation for two more days.