Thornley & Vreeland Teaming In Top Fuel Harley

Janette Thornley (second from left) will race in the NHRA Top Fuel Harley class next year.

MCLEANSBORO, Ill. – Pro Fuel rider Janette Thornley is partnering up with two-time AMRA Nitro Bike champion Rich Vreeland to make her NHRA Top Fuel Harley debut in 2020.

The Straightline Strategy Group rider is looking forward to participating in all of the NHRA events next season.

As a four-time Pro Fuel champion, Thornley is familiar with the term “beating the odds,” as throughout her life she’s faced many challenges in the male dominated sport.

However, Thornley understands her new goal of racing Top Fuel Harley is very lofty. Pro Fuel and Top Fuel are two different animals, in both speed and in operational aspects.

“After nearly eight years of riding a nitro-powered motorcycle, nothing can prepare you for a Top Fuel Harley except seat time,” said Thornley. “I have nothing but respect for these machines and those who ride them. My goal is to be a competitive rider and I know that will take tenacity, strength and perseverance of my faith for it to happen.”

Thornley selected two-time Vreeland to assist her effort. The Straightline Strategy Group, who represents Thornley with a strategic marketing alliance, is proud to announce that Thornley and Vreeland will participate at all 2020 NHRA events in the Top Fuel Harley class.

The husband and wife duos – Janette and crew chief Buddy and Rich and Patti Vreeland – are excited about the 2020 season. The group have had a 20-year relationship both on and off the track.

While Janette obtains her seat time during test sessions, Rich will kick off the season as the team pilot of the Top Fuel Harley.

From a racing standpoint, Vreeland’s ability to tune and ride are a strong ‘one – two punch’. As a co-owner of Vreeland’s Harley-Davidson in Bloomsburg, Pa., for the past 29 years, Rich is highly engaged in community activities, including Starting Line Ministries and guides people of all ages.

The team is scheduled to debut its Top Fuel Harley this year at the 2019 Man Cup World Finals held at South Georgia Motorsports Park outside Valdosta Ga., Nov 21 -24.