Parts Plus & Vandergriff End Partnership


ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Bob Vandergriff Racing has chosen to end its business relationship with Parts Plus following the end of the 2013 season.

The two companies had originally agreed upon a three-year contract, but circumstances have dictated that BVR will be opting out after the first year.

“I’m very disappointed,” said Bob Vandergriff Jr. “We are building a program that is on the upswing and getting very close to being able to compete with the elite teams on a daily basis. The performance of the Kurt Elliott lead team in 2013 was outstanding and I feel bad for all the team members that were affected by this decision.

“We will take a step back and rebuild our program the correct way and turn our focus towards making the J.R. Todd driven car a full time team as soon as possible, we know the added value a second full time team brings to our program and I am working hard in trying to make that happen as soon as possible.”