Kurt & Warren Johnson Get Two-Race Sponsor


SUGAR HILL, Ga. – Six time NHRA Pro Stock world champion Warren Johnson and his son Kurt, a steadfast competitor with 40 national event titles to his credit, have partnered with groundbreaking online gaming company Kiz Studios for the remaining two events on NHRA’s Full Throttle Series 2012 schedule.

The natural marrying of Kiz Studios with the enterprising Johnson family and the National Hot Rod Association, the dream of NHRA founder Wally Parks (1913-2007) that has been a propellant for safety and innovation in the sport of drag racing, brings together a like-minded objective.

Kiz Studios is an independent gaming and entertainment studio with offices in Atlanta and Charleston, S.C. Founded in 2007, Kiz Studios develops innovative games and digital media content for a global audience. Everything takes place in the universe of Planet Muck™ (www.planetmuck.com), a faraway world filled with amazing heroes, nasty muck monsters, and adventures that are one of a kind. To learn more about the company, please visit www.kizstudios.com.

Warren Johnson’s initial ties to Kiz Studios date back to the original conception of the brand, when he was asked to sit on the Board of Advisors and consult on automotive aspects of KizMoto, Kiz Studios’ initial product line.

“This is an ideal opportunity to bring in a new wave of fans to NHRA drag racing,” said Johnson. “As far as I know, no one has ever brought in a gaming company, and this is a mass form of entertainment. These two Kiz Studios programs are aimed toward the younger crowd, and by partnering with Kiz Studios for these two races, we hope to cultivate that crowd so that it grows to have a future with NHRA.

“This is something new that has never been done before, so I figure, let’s be the first. I’ve achieved a lot of first; let’s go after another one.”