Children Lending A Helping Hand To Line & Anderson

NHRA Pro Stock racer Greg Anderson (right) with his son, Cody Anderson.
NHRA Pro Stock racer Greg Anderson (right) with his son, Cody Anderson.

DETROIT – Cody Anderson has fond memories of adventurous days at the dragstrip in his youth.

“I grew up at the track with little Jeggie (Coughlin), Kurt Johnson’s son, Connor, and Mike Thomas’ son, Lane. We used to play tape ball, and then Tanner Gray when his dad was racing,” said the 21-year-old son of Chevrolet Pro Stock driver Greg Anderson.

“The one thing that stands out the most for me is when Dad won the championship in 2010. I remember him going down the track. I was in the championship vehicle, and we were going down the return road. Before that, I have a lot of memories of riding my scooter around the track.”

Anderson continues to make memories, assisting his father and KB Racing teammate Jason Line with various duties at the race shop in Mooresville, N.C., and at race tracks across North America.

“There came a spot when KB Racing needed help, so I started helping out and it grew into a full-time deal,” he said.

Line’s son, Jack, has also been assisting the team, though at 13 years old it’s primarily when school is out of session.

NHRA Pro Stock competitor Jason Line (right) with his son, Jack.
NHRA Pro Stock competitor Jason Line (right) with his son, Jack.

“My first memory at the racetrack was probably winning the Pro Stock championship in 2016,” he said. “I was in the pits listening to the radio. It was fun. I was excited. I didn’t actually want to be out here working, but I went with my dad to Houston in 2017, just me and him, and he made me work on Bo’s (Butner) car. I liked it. It’s just fun, and I like race cars.

“At home I weld a lot. That’s fun. I work on my car a little bit, and sometimes I go to the shop. Progress is slow on my car. It’s a ’68 Camaro with a 230 straight six cylinder. It’ll be a street car first, then maybe a race car, but I’ll probably race a different car.

“My favorite thing about being at the racetrack is the cars. It’s fun working on them. I ask my dad a lot of questions because I want to know every little detail. On Bo’s team, I pack the parachutes, and I’ve built the transmission before. I help with the clutch a little bit. Basically, I do anything they ask me to do.”

Camaraderie in preparing the Camaro SS race cars for competition is evident and the bond being fostered between fathers and sons is incomparable.

“That’s probably what drew me to drag racing; it’s always been a family sport,” said four-time NHRA Pro Stock champion Greg Anderson, who secured his 94th career victory October 20 at Dallas. “Your family can be in the pit with you, you can be with them all day long and they can see what goes on.

“He’s working on the car now, learning every day and getting better every day. He’s getting an itch to drive and I’m sure he will one of these one day. I’m not trying to push him. I don’t want to steer him toward anything, but I know from personal experience that once you get your feet wet in this deal, you’re in. I don’t know if the hook’s set him full yet, but it’s the way this sport is.”

Cody Anderson nods in affirmation that competing in one of the professional categories on the NHRA circuit is on the horizon. He might be racing against Jack Line, too.