Brown Makes Turns With Stock Car

Antron Brown
Antron Brown

RADFORD, Va. — Defending NHRA Top Fuel drag racing champion got behind the wheel of a stock car on Tuesday at Motor Mile Speedway.

Brown wheeled a NASCAR K&N Pro Series machine owned by Rev Racing, completing approximately 100 laps on the .416-mile oval.

“It started off just me trying to get my feet wet and just getting comfortable just testing and going around the track,” Brown explained. “It was just a really good time and it was a great learning experience because Ryan (Gifford) was helping me with lines and telling me different stuff. I started off easy at the beginning just getting my feet wet — not really worried about times. When the track got hot I was pretty much running what some of the other drivers were running. I was right in the ball park.

“I just worked at getting more consistent with it where I could duplicate each lap and run on the marks and stuff like that. By the end, I had about 100 laps on the car and on the last lap I was out there I was just working on getting to the throttle a little early to make my lap time better and I just pressed it too hard and had a little spin out coming off exiting the turn. Everything was fine afterward — started back up and drove it back in. All in all, I had a little bit of everything.”

Brown found the mental aspect of adjusting to a stock car challenging.

“I had a lot of stuff running through my head because I was thinking about so much,” he explained. “That was the biggest deal was just getting comfortable and trying to think about certain things. When I was going down the straightaway, I was already thinking about going into the turn. When I’m in the turn, I’m thinking about where I need to get on the gas. There’s a lot of different steps and fundamentals that you have to do and that was the thing that was going through my mind was trusting myself to drive the car deep enough in the corner to set the car right and then get on the brakes.

“You have to go in kind of hot so you can carry momentum through and around the turn when you’re off the gas. That was big was building your confidence up enough to trust yourself that you could drive the car in deeper and be smooth and fluent with it. That was the big deal was getting the technique down and getting that oval experience.”

Brown plans to drive a stock car again.

“The next step is just that we’re going to be back in contact and try to come out and maybe do some testing in a late model car,” Brown said. “We will go do some testing in a late model car and then actually maybe that same week we can be a make race with it. And that’s the next step. That’s our next step that we’re going to talk about and that we have to plan and we have to do when the schedule’s got an opening, but I definitely want to get back and try to do it some more.”