Angie Smith To Ride Buell V-Twin

Angie Smith

KING, N.C. — Pro Stock Motorcycle rider Angie Smith will compete on a Matt Smith Racing Buell V-Twin in next season and beyond.

One of only 16 women in the NHRA’s 65-year history to have won a drag race at the professional level, Smith is the wife of two-time world champion Matt Smith, who will continue to serve as her crew chief and compete himself.

“I’m back on a Buell and super excited about 2017,” Angie Smith said. “I’ve had a lot of success racing Buells in the past and we’ve been able to keep at the forefront of the technology with those bikes through the various customers we help so I expect we’ll be strong right from the start.”

Smith beat her husband Matt for the title of the NHRA national event in Epping, N.H., in 2014, a personal highlight for the 37-year-old, who began her professional career in 2004. Overall, Smith has competed in 125 national events, qualifying for the playoffs in 2014. She has raced seven full seasons.

“We are actively looking for corporate sponsorship for my bike and I feel like we’ll get something done in time to race every event,” she said. “Having a fully-operational race team already on the road makes it really affordable for any potential sponsors and we have a proven record of delivering big for the companies that support us.

“Matthew and I live and breathe drag racing. We know how to run these Buells and we’re only going to get better in the off-season when we test and continue the development of our engine program. It’s an exciting time and we really want to share this ride with a sponsor that could benefit from what we’re doing.”