Advance Auto Parts Supports Courtney Force

Advance Auto Parts
Courtney Force will carry sponsorship from Advance Auto Parts in 2017. (Mike Kerchner Photo)

BROWNSBURG, Ind. — A handsome gathering of media, team members and sanctioning body representatives were on hand Friday morning at John Force Racing as the team announced sponsorship from Advance Auto Parts on the Funny Car wheeled by Courtney Force.

While 16-time Funny Car champion John Force acknowledged it was “my daughter’s day,” he stole the day as usually with an off-script performance that brought the standing-room-only crowd on a snowy December day to its knees.

From jokes to heartfelt sentiments, Force talked about the turnaround of John Force Racing over the past three years from having lost sponsors and manufacturers.

“We are putting the band back together at John Force Racing and why at my age, 67 years old, I don’t know why, but I’m really excited about the direction is NHRA headed,” Force said. “We are nuts, all of us, but we do it with a passion. I am alive again and I’ll show you how to win races.”

John Force also singled out JFR general manager Robert Hight for his effort in helping turn the team that fields three Funny Cars and a Top Fuel dragster in the right direction

Matt Davis represented Advance Auto Parts and acknowledged he couldn’t follow Force’s stand-up routine.

“We’re excited to be partners with John Force Racing. I really can’t follow that,” Davis said.

Courtney Force finished sixth in the standings last year in her final year flying the Traxxas colors as primary sponsor.

“After five amazing seasons with Traxxas as my sponsor, an incredible partnership that grew, I am incredibly thankful to the entire Traxxas family,” Courtney Force said. “We won eight races during our five seasons together. … Now I am excited to grow with a new company.”