Aruba Native Chasing Pro Stock Dreams

Trevor Eman is competing in the ADRL Pro Stock division. (Roger Richards photo)
Trevor Eman is competing in the ADRL Pro Stock division. (Roger Richards photo)

UNION, S.C. — For the majority of his racing career, Trevor Eman has been juggling three very distinct lifestyles. As the young gun of Extreme Pro Stock, Eman has been simultaneously working on his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Central Florida and balancing a home life in Aruba.

While juggling racing and work is nothing new for most ADRL drivers, Eman’s three-way split between Aruba, Florida, and the team’s shop, based in South Carolina, has been more than a little challenging.

On May 3, Eman graduates from UCF with his degree in Mechanical Engineering. His first stop as a college graduate? Pennsylvania’s Maple Grove Raceway for the ADRL Northeast Drags II.

“I’m excited to be graduating from college for more than one reason,” told Eman. “Since we have our lives in Aruba, and a shop in the states, my father always has the feeling that he lives a double life. Now, from my perspective, I feel like I lead a triple life. I have my life back home in Aruba, granted I am not often there, but I still have a home and a bedroom to always return to. Then I had my life at school in Orlando, where I handled my obligations to school and my household here. Finally, I also try to make it to the shop in S.C. often before and after the race to make sure we are always on top of things on the racing side.

“So, graduating from college will be a big relief, because I get to focus more on two lives instead of three.”

The thousands of miles that lie in between each of Eman’s homes have kept him on the road or in the air quite a bit. After graduation Eman will move back home to Aruba to work at his father’s Machine and Welding Shop. Eman plans to use his engineering background to bring CNC equipment to the business, and will split time between Aruba and following the ADRL tour.

“Traveling will certainly become easier now, because my father and I have always had to synchronize our flights to make sure we land around the same time to wherever we fly. Now I can just travel together with my dad. However, we’ll still have to travel more than most or all of our competitors, because even when we get back to the shop after a race, we’re still another 1,700 miles from home.

“Still, graduating from college will reduce the busyness of our lives and help me focus on sharpening my skills as a driver. We’ll all be breathing a little easier at Maple Grove this coming weekend.

“Many people may not realize, but New Jersey and the surrounding area is home to many Arubans,” Eman added. “As a matter of fact, one of the main tourism offices of Aruba is in New Jersey. So we are extra excited for this event. We are extending the invitation to our Aruba fans in the area to come out to Maple Grove. We would love to introduce some Arubans to drag racing who have maybe never had the chance to make it to a race and meet all our fans who follow us already.”