Chris Madden Freezes WoO LMS Foes


SYLVANIA, Ga. — The second night of Winter Freeze VII had the crowd sitting on their edge of its seats for all 50 laps World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series competition.

For 45 of the 50 laps, Tyler Erb held on to the lead despite Billy Moyer Jr.’s effort to pass him on multiple restarts.

Although Moyer didn’t have success trying to pass Erb on the restarts, Chris Madden had no trouble wheeling around the track as he was able to take full advantage of every restart.

Three times on restarts, he was able to easily pass cars between turns one and two. Madden started the eighth and on lap 45 he made the pass for the lead and headed straight to the $10,000 victory ahead of Erb and Moyer.

Madden was not the only driver on the move. Brandon Overton started 12th in the feature but was able to maneuver his No. 116 to fifth place. Additionally, Steve Casebolt was able to move up the chain from 23rd to finish 12th.

“Obviously we’re feeling good,” said Madden. “We are in the south and now we are headed to Volusia. We run really good there.  We have come out of [Screven] with a win and a second [place finish] which is extremely well so we are looking forward to going to Volusia now and then from then on we are just going to do the best we can do. We are at a little disadvantage out there on the road. Those guys have been to those places many many times and some of those places will be my first time ever. I am a pretty adaptive driver so hopefully we can adapt to it and get our car good enough to be consistent and so far we have been able to do that.”

The finish:

Chris Madden, Tyler Erb, Billy Moyer Jr., Brandon Sheppard, Brandon Overton, Frank Heckenast Jr., Casey Roberts, Devin Moran, Eric Wells, Brian Shirley, Morgan Bagley, Steve Casebolt, Rick Eckert, Chub Frank, Shane Clanton, Joey Coulter, Dale Hollidge, Jason Covert, Michael Brown, Brian Connor, Chris Ferguson, Ivedent Lloyd Jr., Ray Cook, Dale McDowell.