Weaver Becomes The King Of Rome


ROME, Ga. — Randy Weaver took advantage of Chris Madden’s misfortune on lap 44 and went on to lead the remaining distance and take home his fifth career Schaeffer’s Oil Southern Nationals by Old Man’s Garage on Sunday night at Rome Speedway.

Weaver came to victory lane while driving the Outlaws Race Parts, The Bailey Company, Precision One Trailer Parts and VP Fuels sponsored Cornett Engines Longhorn Chassis.

Only two yellow flags slowed the main event at Rome Speedway as Aaron Ridley spun around in turn four on the seventh lap and on lap 44 when Chris Madden came to rest of the top of turn four with a right rear flat tire.

Billy Ogle Jr. was second, followed by Eric Jacobsen, Michael Page and Ivedent Lloyd Jr.

The finish:

Randy Weaver, Billy Ogle Jr., Eric Jacobsen, Michael Page, Ivedent Lloyd Jr., Chris Madden, Vic Hill, Dane Dacus, Craig Vosbergen, Joey Coulter, Anthony Burroughs, Tony Knowles, Joe Armistead Jr., Austin Smith, Doug Stevens, Donald McIntosh, Stacy Boles, Pierce McCarter, Aaron Ridley, Casey Roberts, Austin Kirkpatrick, Dingus Griffin.