Seibers Collects Toilet Bowl’s Porcelain Throne

David Seibers poses in victory lane with his porcelain throne after winning Saturday's Toilet Bowl Classic at Clarksville Speedway. (Adam Fenwick Photo)

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – David Seibers took home his own porcelain throne by winning the Schaeffer’s Oil MARS Racing Series portion of the 15th annual Tuckasee Toilet Bowl Classic Saturday at Clarksville Speedway.

Seibers, who won the Toilet Bowl preliminary feature last year at Clarksville, started from the pole and dominated the 40-lap feature. He pulled away on the initial start while Friday’s 30-lap feature winner Brian Shirley gave chase after starting second.

It didn’t take Seibers long to catch the tail of the field, which allowed Shirley to close in on the race leader. Seibers was still the leader when the first caution flag waved for a spin by Myles Moos in turns three and four.

Seibers rocketed away from Shirley on the restart, pulling clear by four car lengths. The second caution flag waved a few laps later when Robby Moses went around in turns three and four. Seibers held serve again on the next restart as Shirley struggled to keep up.

The final caution flag of the night appeared with nine laps left and it was a close one for Seibers, who watched Drew Wilkerson go for a spin right in front of him in turns one and two. Luckily Seibers avoided the spinning car of Wilkerson to remain in the lead ahead of Shirley.

Once the green flag waved for the final time Seibers would not be denied as led the remainder of the distance to earn the $5,000 payday and the traditional porcelain throne trophy that goes along with winning the Toilet Bowl.

David Seibers (18) races alongside Brian Shirley early during Saturday’s Toilet Bowl feature at Clarksville Speedway. (Adam Fenwick Photo)

“When we got in lapped traffic, I know they’re not just supposed to move over but they didn’t want to move over,” Seibers said. “I was afraid that Shirley might want to try me on the outside, so I just stayed patient and just held on and luckily the caution fell really when it needed to.”

Seibers admitted he had no idea he was pulling away from Shirley on every restart, saying he thought he could hear someone behind him every time. In reality he was several car lengths clear on each restart.

“We’re usually pretty good every time we’re here but the conditions tonight were different than normal because I was pretty much latched down at the bottom,” Seibers said. “I didn’t really know I was getting that great a start on nobody because I thought I could hear another car.

“I was just trying to stay straight, not wash out and hold my line because if you wash out somebody like Shirley is definitely going to capitalize.”

Shirley had to settle for second, followed by Joseph Faulkner, Josh Putnam and Allen Weisser.

Three other drivers took home porcelain thrones for winning features on Saturday night. They included Oakley Johns (crate late models), Tyler Nicley (open-wheel modifieds) and T.J. Herndon (street stocks).

The finish:

David Seibers, Brian Shirley, Joseph Faulkner, Josh Putnam, Allen Weisser, Joey Standridge, Robby Moses, Dean Carpenter, Mike Vandermark, Dennis Erb Jr., Levi Ashby, Casey Turman, Jose Parga, Matt Shannon, Myles Moos, Drew Wilkerson, Christian Hanger, Caleb Ashby, Dewayne Kiefer, Jeremy Anderson, Oakley Johns, Gavin Schmidt, Richard Frost, Larry Barber Jr.